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Geologic Timeline

Geologic Timeline- Summary

Geologic Timeline (Geology and Geologic Time)- Details

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology


Evidence of evolutionary change from fossils

Paleontology: Human evolution- 3-dimensional skull fossils


Dating Methods




Evidence of evolutionary change from observing living things

Darwins Finches- Finch diagram









Evidence of evolutionary change from homolgous/analagous/vistigial structures


Similarity in Brain Development

Similarity in Embryonic Development

Homologous, Analagous and Vistigial Features

Example 1

Example 2



Evidence of evolutionary change from biochemical data- AFTER CLICKING ON THIS LINK SCROLL DOWN TO REVIEW "Comparative Serology" and "Genetic Similarities"

The information on the website "Evidence from Biochemical Data" suggest that the amino acid sequence of blood serum proteins from closely related species will also be similar (though not identical)



Evidence of evolutionary change from direct observation

Spraying mosquitos with DDT for 8 years in an area of the world resulted in the significant decrease of mosquitos sensitive to DDT (RR, normal mosquito killed effectively by DDT). At about the same time two other strains of mosquitos began to increase. A rapid increse in a strain with most DDT resistace (R +; most DDTresistant) occurred first and a smaller population of mosquitos with low DDT resistance (++; low DDT resistance) began to increase also. Evolutionary changes occurred over a short period of time.

Evidence of evolutionary change from mimicry

Mimicry and Camouflage

Other types of mimicry


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