Sub Files

The substitute folder is a guide for the substitute teacher in your absence. It should contain as much usable information as possible to provide consistency in the daily schedule. The substitute folder needs to be accessible at all times. The Sub Folder is updated as needed and contains the following:

1) Class schedule

2) Student profiles

3) Class and school rules

4) Classroom Behavior Management system (points, charts etc)

5) Procedures and schedule for recess, lunch and bus

6) Medication policy, procedures and location- detailed medication schedule for your students

7) Fire and earthquake drill procedures

8) Lost Student Action Plan (highlight your specific duties if applicable)

9) Emergency cards for each student

10) Behavior management plans

11) Site/student handbook (Armona, Shelly Baird, Hanford Elementary, etc.)

12) Copies of Substitute Teacher Report

13) Back up lesson plans and materials (variety of lessons and materials to be used in case scheduled lessons do not work for some reason)


Note: Lesson Plans are separate from the sub file

Emergency Plan

(Emergency forms, registers, plan of action). Be sure to know your school site emergency plan.


Post emergency plans in room, and put a copy in the sub folder. During a drill, be sure to take out your class register and emergency cards. Know location you are assigned to report to.


Missing Student

Post plan in you room. Highlight You and YOUR aides responsibility when there is a missing student.



Room Organization (Items that should be available)

First Aid Kit

Every classroom should have a first aid kit handy. Keep supplies stocked. (See nurse for first aide kit supplies).



Emergency Cards

Emergency cards should be kept together in a labeled envelope and posted in the classroom. Update cards as changes occur.



Class Schedule

Post class schedule on wall of classroom, place a copy in the sub file. Follow the schedule as closely as possible. Re evaluate schedule as changes need to occur- fix posted schedule on wall and copy to administration.



Student Work

Display current work samples in classroom and portfolio for every student.




Bus Schedules

Post bus schedules on wall in classroom and sub file. Notify transportation when changes in schedule occur.




Important Numbers

Keep important numbers by the phone

Keep list updated




Class Furniture

Arrange classroom furniture to ensure a safe learning environment. Report broken or unsafe items to administration for repair or replacement.


Contingency Plan

Have on hand additional lessons/activities and materials to use when unexpected changes occur. Example: inclement weather, jury duty, extended illness, family emergency, etc.



Medication/Distribution Procedures


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