Communication is important for the success of students. Contact must be ongoing. Early in the year, establish methods to keep parents informed. This may be accomplished through: notes, phone calls, or e-mail. Parents should be given appropriate times to make contact with the teacher, ex: before school, after school, etc. Teachers should also find appropriate times to contact parents. Make time to contact parents in order to inform them about activities in the classroom, not just problem issues. Proof read written correspondence.



Interactions with your students should be positive, age appropriate, and respectful. Remember to model appropriate communication skills.




It is important to keep the lines of communication open with staff members who work with your students. Keep extended staff informed as to student absence, change in medication, new diagnosis, etc.


Keep administration informed regarding issues and/or problems that have occurred. Administration should know details of the situation in order to advise you. Your administrators are there to support you and your students. It may be best to make contact following an incident in which the administration may become involved. Also, feel free to let your administration know when your students are doing well.


When discussing personal student information, be respectful of confidentiality issues. Do not talk about sensitive issues or students by name in public places. Confidential information should only be discussed with appropriate staff members.



Communication- Copy either the entire CODE number or title of the law and paste into the search engine when you click on TO CDE DATABASE
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Condidentiality- Copy either the entire CODE number or title of the law and paste into the search engine when you click on TO CDE DATABASE
CODE # ..................TITLE OF LAW
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5 CCR 4630 - Filing A Local Complaint; Procedures, Time Lines



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